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Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is the most important part of selling your rooms online. Most of the guests visits your property on internet before they actully hit your property physically. The only way to reach them is throught internet marketing. At Philit, we deploy various ways to reach wider audience and deliver result.

What we do to market your business online

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) prominently positions you at the top of search engines for direct visibility.Search engine optimization start from the web design stage. We design your site with the key words in mind and then emphasize them in such a way that you will get prominent place on leading search engines.
  • Paid Search Marketing captures traffic and directly delivers it to landing pages for conversion. In cases, where you need to place your advertisement to win customers, we use paid serach marketing. It effectively means buying key words that people look for online to find the properties.
  • Strategic Linking and Online Advertising delivers pre-qualified leads from other networks. When your website is linked to many other websites and vice versa, search engine ranks your pages and your website higher on the seach results.
  • Email Marketing communicates promotions to an opt-in list of interested customers to establish relationships and strengthen consumer loyalty. In cases where you already have established loyal customer base, all you need is to send them updates about the hotel development and new deals and bonanzas on special days like valentine day or New Year Day.
  • Social Marketing Expands content distribution and makes it quick, easy, and affordable, Provides new and exciting ways to engage with consumers Synergistically boosts SEO and increases your natural search rankings and Generates measureable revenue and increases website traffic
  • Google Local Business Listing allows online customers to find you easily in google search and google maps.
  • Facebook pages allow you to interact directly with consumers and build relationship
  • Twitter instantaneously allows you to communicate with consumers, promoting last minute deals and responding to questions
  • Blogging nurtures a loyal consumer base and provides additional information for potential visitors
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To provide effective web presence to business owners and market their products and services online in a cost effective manner.

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