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Domain parking lets you earn money without the hassle of web hosting or content creation.

Domain Name Registration

  • All domain names that are registered do not result into full fledged websites.
  • Many a times, you register a domain name but have no time or resources to make a website.
  • Sometime you just want to reserve a name that you have in your mind for your future use.
  • For reputed business houses or trademark owners, it becomes necessary to register and own look-a-like or misspelled variations of their domains to prevent cybersquatting at a later date.
  • Some deliberately register the domain name just because it sounds alike or closely matches with existing established brands or websites so they can get some traffic or get their domain sold for a good price.

Domain Parking
Whatever may be the reason behind registering a domain name, once you register it, you do Domain Parking. Domain parking is the registration of a domain name without using it for any domain related services such as e-mail or website. You can say that it is a domain name without any content on its website.

  • To park a domain, you (or your registrar) can simply put "coming soon" or "under construction" message. This is a single-page website that people see when they type the domain name or follow a link in a web browser. Domain names can be parked before a web site is ready for launching.
  • Another use of domain parking is to be a placeholder or a pointer for an existing web site. The domain holder may choose to redirect a domain to another website it has registered, either through URL redirection, domain cloaking or by pointing it as an alias of the main domain, although if this is done by the ultimate registrant, the domain is then in use, rather than parked.
  • Domain parking gets lucrative when it is monetized. In that case, registrars and Internet advertising publishers show advertisements to visitors and gains revenue. They resolve the domain name to a web page containing advertising listings and links. These links target visitor's interests and may change dynamically on the results that visitors click on. Usually the domain holder is paid based on how many links have been visited (e.g. pay per click) and on how beneficial those visits have been. The keywords for any given domain name provide clues as to the intent of the visitor before arriving.
  • Expired domains that were formerly websites are much sought after for domain parking and monetization. A domain that was used as a website and is allowed to expire will maintain most of its prior inbound links. These types of domains usually attract their large visitor traffic initially after being claimed from the domain drop lists. As website operators and search engines begin to remove the former inbound links, the traffic to the parked domain will decline.
  • Domain Parking ads are served in two ways: two-click or in one-click. Domains with two-click implementations require a click on a keyword or a keyword search to generate ads. So When you type in a domain name, many related keyword are shown on the first page and when a visitor click on any keyword, ads relative to that keyword is shown. In one-click implementation, ads targeted based on the domain name are directly displayed on the served page. When visitor click on it, the resitrar gets money. 
  • There are several domain parking companies that actively cater to domain name holders (domainer) or act as middlemen to serve advertisements on parking pages. They also use parking pages when domains either change the name servers or forward the URL. Until the names are propagated (sometime it takes 48 hours), they use parking pages to the visitors.

Domain name registration is your first step of web presence. Some important points to keep in mind before you register your online identity.

Think combinations
Domain name is your identity on the world wide web. People will use it to find your website. Think of all combinations around your business name. For example, if you have a "company", think about,, etc. Common suffix and prefixes are e, e-, my, i, i-, the, online, net, web, internet, hot, cool, our, your world, links, site, web, net, resource, business, company, corp, inc, shop, store, mall, guide, express, depot etc.

Try phrases
If the name is long, phrases are usually better e.g. You now have freedom to  register a domain name up to 63 characters  long. Domain names rich in keywords will dramatically increase your ranking on search engines.  

Allowed Characters
Domain names can only use letters, numbers, and dashes. Spaces and symbols are not allowed. Also, domain names are not case sensitive, is the same as

Keep it short
Now you can register a name with up to 63 characters, keep in mind that people need to remember and correctly type it into their browser to reach your site. Try to register the shortest name that your customers and visitors will associate with your Website. If possible, get a name which is 8-10 characters long.

Domain name extension
Domain name have many extension and have different meanings attached to it. For example .mil is used for military and .org for non-profit organizations. The most sought after extension is of course .com so for businesses, we recommend a .com suffix. It is also the first extension that most people try when searching for a Website. After .com names get exhausted, people register other extension. so in a sense, your .com name indirectly prove that you are ahead of the curve.

Get opinion
When you narrow down on your domain names, ask your friends, collegues and clients. A name that may make perfect sense to you may be too hard for other people to remember. Think this way - Is your domain easy to say, remember and type? Does it complement your aim, purpose or business?

Avoid Trademark Names
Simple reason, companies may not spend money to buy it from you but may give it to their lawyers to get it from you !

Register Your Domain NOW
If you have a name in mind and it is available, just book it. Don't wait till you are ready to built a website. Who knows that it will be available when you are ready for it. Why not register it and park it. Check information on domain parking on our website. With domain parking, you don’t even need a Web hosting or website design. Just park your domain and get money for parking! So register your favorite domain before someone else do it.

Register other extensions
Most of the time just one extension is enough. But think about it this way - if you have "" registered but someone else register "" and make a site totally different that yours or put obnoxious content than ? Best thing, register your company name and other look-a-like or misspelled version also so that they do not become a headache later on for you. For your information, you can have many domains that points to a single website.

Domain names doesn't cost much
Choosing Domain name can be tricky but domain name registration doesnt cost much. So if you have found the right domain name, but aren't sure if it's the one... register it anyway before someone else does!

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